mpe/ix 7.0 express release 1
overview & features
The new, Internet-ready MPE/iX 7.0 Express Release 1 is the latest version of the HP e3000 operating system, specifically designed to take advantage of the power and performance of the new HP e3000 A- and N-Class servers. MPE/iX 7.0 Express Release 1 also provides OLTP performance and functionality for business-critical applications.

Long known for being the most reliable and stable operating system for commercial applications, MPE/iX 7.0 Express Release 1 has evolved to unlock new hardware performance technology that will revolutionize the current HP e3000 platform. In particular, MPE/iX 7.0 Express Release 1 offers continued support for PCI I/O devices on the A- and N-Class servers. Additionally, this version of MPE/iX now supports the faster, higher performing A- and N-Class multi-processor systems. These additions to MPE/iX are only the first of many enhancements to the already robust operating system.

  • improved price-performance
  • application investment protection
  • higher transaction throughput
  • improved system management capabilities
  • improved data access capabilities
  • reduced application development cost
  • low cost of ownership
  • enhanced Java performance
  • internet-critical features and presence
  • multi-platform interoperability


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at a glance
PCI 10/100 Base-TX LAN Adapter for A- and N-Class servers
PCI 8 Port Advanced Communication Controller (ACC) WAN for A- and N-Class servers
HP e3000 A400; A500 uni-processor; and N4000 220, 330 and 440 MHz uni-processor support (base MPE/iX Release 7.0)
HP e3000 A500 2-way; N4000 440 MHz 2-4 way; and N4000 550 MHz 3-4 way support (Release 7.0 Express 1)
greater than 3.75 GBytes of supported memory on PA8000- and PA8200-based servers (8 GBytes for HP e3000 989KS, 16 GBytes for HP e3000 997, 979KS, 939KS/030 and 929KS/030 servers)
2 GBytes of supported memory on HP e3000 A400, A500 and N4000 servers (base Release 7.0)
8 GBytes of supported memory on HP e3000 A500 and 16 GBytes of supported memory on HP e3000 N4000 servers (Release 7.0 Express 1)